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A Safe Harbor: Serenity among the Mangroves

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A Safe Harbor: Serenity among the Mangroves

Few places can compare to the Florida Keys as a summertime getaway. The weather is warm and sunny, the sand is smooth and bright, the water is brilliant cerulean, and the Key Lime pie is fresh and light. Summer in the Keys is also peak hurricane season. From early June until late November, hurricanes could pop up with late summer and autumn being the most popular time for storms.

You don’t have to plan your next getaway around hurricane season, however. At Mangrove Marina, we are located in a natural “hurricane hole,” which means that you can enjoy safety and security during named storms. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Hurricane Hole?

For boaters, hurricanes are a fact of life, and protecting your property during storms is likely a priority. During storms, boats and vessels must be secured properly to reduce the risk of damage. This often means dry docking, but hurricane holes are also an option. These natural refuges make it possible for boats to dock even during hurricanes.

Natural hurricane holes tend to be located in lagoons, bays, and other natural features with shallow water. They tend to be encompassed on three sides by natural barriers, like trees and mountains, which block or reduce the wind, thereby minimizing the potential damage. Hurricane holes offer excellent protection against hurricanes and a safe harbor for your boat.

Mangrove Marina: A Natural Hurricane Hole

Mangrove Marina is located in a natural hurricane hole, nestled far from the most severe hurricane winds and protected by hearty mature mangroves. Even in powerful storms, your boat can remain safe and secure whether in the water or out of it.

Hurricanes are unpredictable, however, so while you’re welcome to keep your boat in its slip during named hurricanes, we do have specific hurricane procedures to help ensure your safety and the security of your property. When you arrive, we’ll walk you through our procedures and expectations so that you can be fully prepared to weather any storm with us.

Boats can be kept in dry dock during storms or remain in their wet slip. If your insurance requires or you simply prefer to remove your boat from the marina, we ask that you use the trailer ramp or water to move your boat. Boats that are dry-docked will be adjusted to ensure they are optimally positioned to reduce the risk of damage. When remaining in the slips, we ask that you use double lines to allow for boat movement and avoid damage caused by shifting positions.

Know Before You Go

We’re located a bit over an hour outside Miami. You can find us at Mile Marker 91.7 right off the main road. The marina, which is the largest of its kind in the Upper Keys, covers 20 acres and features all the amenities you’d expect to find in a fine resort, including a heated freshwater pool, gardens, laundry facilities, a store, barbecue facilities, Tiki huts, and a bar and grill. We’re located within walking distance of shops, restaurants, beaches, parks, and more. Our marina also offers everything you could need while you’re staying with us, including wet slips, dry racks, a boat ramp, a forklift, refueling facilities, and a working yard, and we’re proud to offer our guests the peace of mind they need during hurricanes. Contact us today to make your reservations!


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