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Fishing in november

Both inshore and offshore Florida Keys fishing take off in the month of November

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Are you trying to avoid the Florida heat? November might just be one of the best months to visit the sunshine state. Our fall weather is moderate, and the seas tend to be calm this time of year. The water is a beautiful shade of cerulean, and the fishing is fine whether you are inshore or offshore.

November is, perhaps, most notably a time of transition. The heat of the summer is over, and hurricane season is ebbing. The Northern fronts are bringing cooler weather and cooler water towards the Keys and drawing Mahi Mahi and other fish closer. When the weather is calm, the waters around the reefs team with fish such as Yellow Tail, King Mackerel, and grouper. The gulf is alive with even more fish: Mangrove snapper, Spanish mackerel, tuna, sailfish, trout, sharks, and jacks.

The Florida Keys are known for being a haven for anglers, and if you’re ready to try your luck, here’s what you can expect in November.

Inshore Fishing

Taking the scenic route means spending a leisurely day out on the water, birdwatching, spotting wildlife, and casting your line into the shallows or flats in the backcountry. Out in the backcountry, you’ll often spot the silver of fish flickering through the grass basin as they hunt for their dinners, and your day out on the water will be as much a feast for the eyes as it is for your stomach.

In the shallows, your best bet will be hunting for porgies, hogfish, snapper, jacks, ladyfish, and barracuda. The mangrove islands are also rich in barracuda, and sharks can be found at all depths of backcountry waters in November. You can often catch bull, blacktip, bonnethead, hammerhead, and nurse sharks, but lemon sharks are the most commonly found sharks in these shallow basins.

Off-Shore Fishing

When the waters are calm and the weather is warm and fine, you might just want to head offshore to the open waters or the reef. Here, you can catch an almost unimaginable number of fish, including:

Yellowtail snapper
Gray snapper
Mutton snapper
Gag grouper
Red and black grouper
Spanish mackerel
Mahi Mahi
Blackfin tuna

The right fishing charter will help you spot the best locations and techniques for catching your preferred fish or just having a great day out on the water.

Mangrove Marina

Inshore and offshore fishing in the Keys in November can bring many new adventures, and all of them can start at Mangrove Marina. At Mangrove Marina, we are just about an hour away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, perfectly situated on 20 acres of waterfront property. We’re well protected by hearty, mature mangrove trees, which create a natural hurricane hole, and we have turned our full-service marina into a luxury resort complete with all the amenities you need during your getaway, including wet slips, dry racks, a boat ramp, fuel facilities, bathhouses, a restaurant and bar, a heated freshwater pool, bike racks, laundry facilities, gardens, and luxury houseboat rentals. We offer a little bit of paradise, located within walking distance of shopping, dining, and other conveniences in nearby Tavernier. Call today to learn more or to make your reservations.

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