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Chasing Sunsets in the Florida Keys

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If you don’t have a trip to the Florida Keys on your bucket list, be sure to add a postscript. This tropical spot offers access to fresh breezes, great people and some of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet.

The Best Viewing Spots

Explore the breathtaking viewing spots at Mangrove Marina. These include sunset cruises, which are available if you’re not keen to sail on your own, as well as restaurants with open-air dining, delicious seafood, and a chair on the dock. Pick your favorite and enjoy the sunset at the best seats in the Keys.

Of course, summer in the Florida Keys is pretty spectacular at any time of the day. Choose from going on a tour of the area or a relaxing day of fishing. Either way, this is a place that knows how to celebrate some leisure time.

From the Comfort of Your House (Boat)

Thanks to Mangrove Marina, Florida Keys sunsets are also easy to spot from a rented houseboat or, if you have your own boat, rented wet slips. Relax with a cold beverage and enjoy the gorgeous light as the day winds down from the comfort of your home (boat).

Your houseboat features a kitchen, private dining area, and sleeping quarters for multiple members of your travel clan. Celebrate a meal with your loved ones in the open air of your outdoor patio or deck while enjoying the scenic backdrops, Florida Keys sunsets have to offer.

You’re also welcome to sit on the dock with your fishing pole and wait for the Florida Keys sunsets at the end of another relaxing day. Keep an eye out for a visit from the local manatees before you drop your hook. Mangrove Marina Florida Keys is in the business of relaxation and would love to share the beauty of the Keys with you.

Any Time of Year Works

If you can’t get away to enjoy a summer in the Florida Keys, know that the lack of moisture in the winter sky gives you the chance to see every shade of light featured in Florida Keys sunsets. Beautiful colors reflected off calm waters might not be a traditional set of Christmas lights, but it will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Plus, no snow to shovel.

Any time is a good time to enjoy the water and a beautiful view. Whether you like the lush bounty of summer or the calmer days of winter, the Florida Keys offer a glorious chance to enjoy the sun, water, seafood, and great company. Contact us today for more information on booking your houseboat or renting a wet slip.

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