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Haul, Wash, & Paint: Premium Vessel Care

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Haul Wash & Paint

You might love whiling away your days out on the water, but keeping your boat well-maintained requires time out of the water, too. That requires haul-out service. At Mangrove Marina, we make it easy to care for your beloved boat with our comprehensive haul, wash, and paint service.

Boat Maintenance: Haul and Wash

Hauling a boat out can be a major undertaking, but we’ve got the right equipment to make that job a breeze. We have both a 50-ton travel lift and a 26k-pound forklift to haul your boat out. You are welcome to move your boat into the hoist pit, but be aware that marina staff are here to support you and keep you and your property safe. Listen for instructions and follow all recommendations carefully. That means shutting off the engines and other equipment and double-checking that your tanks are empty to reduce the weight and strain as the boat is lifted and then set on land.

Once your boat is out of the water, you’ll have a great chance to check the condition of the hull. Fouling is common, especially if your boat has been in the water for any length of time. The plant and animal product buildup will set much like concrete if you don’t wash it before it dries. Our power wash services are tailored to your boat’s needs and designed to quickly and effectively remove all problematic buildup.

We recommend that you check other aspects of your boat, too, including: 

  • The propellers
  • Rudders
  • Transducers
  • Any other equipment that has been submerged

You should also evaluate the hull and determine if it’s time to repaint. Boats that are constantly in the water will need new bottom paint about every year. If your boat is only periodically in the water, you can often stretch the repainting timeline to every two to three years. You should also consider repainting if you notice visibly worn or peeling paint or patches of bare hull. Fouling can increase with more algae and barnacles growing on the hull, and in serious cases, your boat’s performance may be affected by altered handling and reduced speed. 

Regular cleaning can help protect the bottom paint and help you spot early signs of trouble. However, periodic repainting is still important to protect your boat and reduce the incidence of fouling.

At Mangrove Marina, our boat painting professionals use Premier boat paint and finishes to provide you with the best results. Our paint services include haul out, power wash, bottom prep, paint labor, and three lay days – everything you need to restore, protect, and preserve your boat’s finish. We also offer comprehensive services for other boating needs, too, including lifting and replacing engines, repairing or replacing zincs, running gear paint, and more extensive prep work. We can provide you with barrier coats, too, as needed. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule your services!

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