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8 Tips to Renting the Right Wet Slip

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If you have a boat, you need a place to store it. Many boat owners opt for renting a dock. Wet slip storage is a method of storage that keeps the boat in the water. This is especially convenient if you want your boat accessible and ready to use whenever you want it. If you are an avid angler or just enjoy being out on the water, you can be ready to start as soon as you reach your boat. Not all wet slips are the same, however. Here are some things you should consider before renting a wet slip.

1. What is your budget?

As with any storage facility, wet slips are available at a variety of price points. Public docks are typically priced lowest but come with minimal security and are often open to the public. Moorings are also often quite affordable but offer little protection from other vessels and the weather. Yacht clubs offer more amenities, privileges, and security but can be quite expensive. Private marinas tend to offer the most bang for your buck. At a private marina, you can often rent or purchase a wet slip well within your budget and with a wealth of amenities.

2. Is the marina secure?

Security for your property is only a part of the equation. You should also feel safe and secure when you are on the premises. The marina should feature well-lit parking, locks and comfortable, attractive, secured facilities.

3. Is it accessible?

The best place to store your boat is reasonably close to home. You are unlikely to want to spend hours in traffic or on the road to reach your boat. You might not find the best marina right in your backyard, but you should be able to find one at a reasonable distance from your home.

4. What are the conditions at the marina?

Check the winds and currents to know how they will affect your ability to dock. You also need to check the depth of the water to ensure there is plenty for your keel, draft, and adequate propeller clearance.

5. How big is the dock?

When renting a dock, you might prefer a long dock with plenty of space for maneuvering to line up and dock your boat. It should be at a comfortable height for you and your guests to step on and off the deck without difficulty.

6. How much traffic is there?

A busy marina might look like an exciting place to visit, but heavy congestion can make maneuvering difficult. High-traffic areas bring with them the risk of collision, and if there is too much congestion, it could take longer to reach the open waters than you would like. An active marina is a lively place without so much traffic and congestion to make it risky.

7. How helpful is the marina staff?

The marina staff is there to make your life easier. Safety and cleanliness should be their top priorities. After that, they should be helpful and knowledgeable as they provide you with whatever service you need during your visit.

8. What amenities does the marina provide?

A marina should offer certain basic amenities such as electrical hookups and clean water. However, some other amenities can be nice extras, including:

Dinghy docks
Private lockers
Waterproof dock boxes
Trash and recycling receptacles
Private showers and laundry facilities

At Mangrove Marina, we are committed to ensuring you have the best experience possible. Our wet slips are spacious and designed to accommodate boats of all sizes. We are located in the Florida Keys and offer everything you could want from a marina, including affordable pricing, secure facilities, highly trained staff and all the amenities you could want, including a freshwater pool, wireless internet, Tiki Hut, barbecue facilities, and gardens. We are conveniently located within walking distance of shopping and other leisure activities as well. Call us today to learn more about renting a wet slip.

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