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Best Island to Visit in the Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys have been a major destination point for vacationers around the world. The geographic location makes it ideal for people of all backgrounds, ages, and interests. A few of these diverse geographic offerings include world classes beaches, tropical seas, and a year-round attractive climate. There are several islands that make up the Florida Keys and they all vary in size, population, and level of seclusion. The major islands of the Florida Keys include Key Largo, Little Torch Key, Bahia Honda Key, & Cudjoe Key to name a few. The major city hubs on these islands include Key Largo & Islamorada.

All of these islands and cities have something unique to offer. One of the best towns in Key largo is Tavernier. It is a great hub with several attractions and offerings, one being houseboats. Houseboats allow visitors to the area a unique experience to see the islands and surrounding wildlife from the water.

Tavernier is located on the island of Key Largo which is world renowned for its beautiful wildlife, reefs, gardens, diving, nightlife, sport fishing and pristine beaches. Key Largo has marinas which allow individuals to witness and experience all of these amazing attractions while on a houseboat. It is in an excellent location with exceptional accessibility to all of these attractions. There are a few resort offerings in Key Largo as well as the surrounding area which has world class amenities and offerings.

The best island to visit in the Keys would up for interpretation given several variables per the individual, however, Key Largo offers numerous things which are diverse and unique to the area. It is in an amazing, central location with attractions for people of all ages and desires. There is truly something for everyone. Being able to witness the beauty for oneself through use of one of the houseboats would be an extraordinary experience one would never forget. Key Largo is a major destination hub with a significant night life and amazing reefs.

One of the greatest areas to get away from it all would be the Mangrove Marina located in Tavernier. Mangrove Marina lies in a tranquil setting amongst the mangrove trees. It is in an ideal location with options for everyone.

If you would like to enjoy a fun night out on the town, Key Largo would be the island for you. Traveling to all of these destinations is feasible with the use of a boat or car. Most of the Keys are located within a stone’s throw from one another.

Lastly, Key Largo is relatively close to Miami. One can escape to Key Largo while still being relatively close to a major city. This offers a comfortably measure that not all resort areas can offer. The island of Key Largo is well known for all of its exceptional offerings including the amount of resorts on the island. There are several options within the surrounding area, that is a major factor in determining the best island of the Keys.

Given all the amazing attractions and experiences available to vacationers and individuals who visit the island.

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