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Experience The Florida Keys in a unique way with events that deliver fun for the whole family.

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There are almost as many ways to enjoy the Keys as there are visitors to this tropical archipelago. If you’ll be visiting the Florida Keys this spring or summer, you have numerous options for excitement and adventure. You can feel the island vibe while dancing in a colorful parade, or you can dive face-first into the sweet-tart deliciousness that is a slice of cool and refreshing key lime pie. Here are some of our top five picks for the upcoming season.

1. Key West Pride

Imagine celebrating your PRIDE in a tropical wonderland surrounded by gently swaying palms while listening to the waves lapping against the shore. Key West has long been recognized for its relaxed, accepting nature, so it just makes sense that this little island has become a top PRIDE destination.

PRIDE 2023 opens on June 6 and continues through June 11 with dozens of events for those 21 and up. Activities include:

Key West Pride Kick-off Luncheon
Musicals, drag shows, plays, and other theatrical events
Wine tastings
Sunset sails
Glow Party, Disco Party, Pool Party, and PJ Bash
The Big Gay 5K
Street fairs
Church Pride Services and Mass
Drunken brunch
Movie marathon featuring classic gay movies

The party wraps up with a Key West Pride Parade to celebrate diversity followed by the closing ceremony.

2. The Key Lime Fest

Little says “Florida Keys” like the bright and tart flavor of fresh key limes, and 2023’s Key Lime Festival is about celebrating these little citrus fruits in all their glory.
It takes place from June 30th until July 4th this year and will include everything that makes this little lime so special. It’s not just about pie: We have found dozens of sweet new ways to enjoy this refreshing little fruit and are celebrating with events such as the Key Lime Cocktail Sip & Stroll, the Key Lime Pie Hop, and many other culinary events. You will need to register for the events, so check out the Key Lime Festival and reserve your spot today!

3. Mango Fest

The 7th Annual Mango Fest takes place from June 22 to June 25, 2023. First introduced to Florida in the early 1800s, this sweet, succulent stone fruit quickly became a favorite and an important source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and beta carotene.

At the Mango Fest, you’ll be able to enjoy everything mango as you visit vendors, shops, and galleries in Bayview Park; dine on mango-themed cuisine; and attend a variety of educational events.

You can register for Mango Fest here.

4. Skippers 9th Annual Dolphin Tournament

Anglers of all ages, sexes, and ability levels have the opportunity to come together and try their luck at the Skippers 9th Annual Dolphin Tournament. You must register in advance, and your entry fees will provide you access to various social events, drinks, and tournament gifts for teams.

The kick-off takes place Friday, June 2nd, at Skipper’s dockside, and events come fast and furious after that with a packed schedule that includes:

Captain’s Meeting
Dockside party
Awards party

Prizes of up to $20,000 will be awarded to teams.

5. Houseboats

At Mangrove Marina, our luxury Aquavillas offer the perfect spot for R&R between all your tropical adventures. During your downtime, you can relax on your floating balcony or patio, dipping your toes in the water and sipping coffee as the sun rises. You can prepare a meal in our barbecue facilities or your private on-board, equipped kitchenette. Visit us today to learn more or to make your reservations.

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