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Mangrove Hurricane Season Plan Announcement

Mangrove Marina is Ready for Hurricane Season, Are You?

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Scientists expect that this year’s hurricane season will bring in heavier storms. The southern area is the favorite path of hurricanes, so towns have fortified with concrete steps to keep their towns safe. To illustrate, the Florida Keys hurricane plan has been laid out ahead so residents can fortify their homes and prepare supplies.

Through the years, storms have increased in number and intensity. The time to start preparing a hurricane plan is before the hurricane season starts. Don’t wait before it is too late because failure to plan is planning to fail. If you’re a boat owner, securing your prized possession is also another thing to think about.

We at the Mangrove Marina are your partners in ensuring that your baby is safe. The hurricane procedures we have crafted hereunder will help you figure out what steps to take. Mangrove Marina hurricane plan adheres to the standards drafted in the Florida Keys hurricane plan. We are committed to ensuring the safety of the boats, our staff, and customers.

That being said, we want to remind you that although Mangrove Marina hurricane plan is set, the marina is a safe place for boats because it is a natural hurricane hole. The property is far enough to avoid the severe winds and the harsh effects of the angry winds and tides. In the same token, it is close enough to reach in case of an emergency. Mangrove Marina is in the best location to keep your boat secure during the eye of the most intense storm.

Because hurricanes are unpredictable, we expect our clients to follow these procedures. Strict compliance with the hurricane plan is expected to avoid destruction of property, damage to the facility, and injuries to people, both clients, and staff.

The primary reminder is to check your insurance coverage. Make sure it updated, just in case anything were to happen, you are covered. Mangrove Marina will not be responsible of any damaged property caused by nature or owner negligence. Therefore, check your policy and ensure your boat has hurricane protection coverage. On top of that, read the fine print and see if your insurance requires you to take your boat out of the marina during stormy weather. If the answer is yes, coordinate with us. The forklift will not operate during heavy rain, thunder, and/ or lightning.

If you’re removing your boat from the Marina it is best to do it by water or via the trailer ramp. No boats will be loaded with a forklift during the storm preparation period. The boat will be splashed so you can load it on to your trailer. We will provide a schedule soon.

Racks customers may leave the boat in the bottom rack only. All boats in the 2nd and 3rd tiers must be moved to the ground stands to ensure that they are in the best place to weather the storm.

You are responsible for securing all outriggers, anchors, fenders, dinghies, chairs and any other objects that might fly around and break loose during strong winds. Other than the docks, do not tie it to any other property in the marina. Allow for a little bit of room for the boat’s movement so that it will not hit thins as it moves with the current.

Be advised that power and water will shut off at our discretion prior to the storm. Shore utilities will also be disconnected. Make sure you double check your batteries and bilge pumps.

All vessel slips must have a minimum of double lines, 2 bow, 2 stern and 2 spring lines. You are responsible for your slipped vessel. Boats remaining in the wet slips should have a vacant space between them and you are responsible for securing them. The marina is not responsible for the damage caused to your vessel nor its cause to other boats including marina property.

For your safety and safety of the boat, please follow all the guidelines contained here and make sure you also keep abreast on the Florida Keys hurricane plan.

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