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Services: Boat Painting

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When your boat sits in the water, especially salt water, it can become vulnerable to marine growth, oxidation, and electrolysis. As the buildup grows, it is harder to remove. While you might not be able to haul your boat out after every adventure and powerwash it thoroughly, you can take steps to minimize the damage. One of the best ways to do that is through paint.

All About Boat Painting

Bottom painting, also called antifouling paint, is applied to the hull or bottom of the boat. Boats are typically not sold with bottom paint, but it’s an aftermarket option that will add a protective barrier when your boat sits in the water for long periods. The paint can have additional ingredients to inhibit the growth of various microbes and organisms, and it can facilitate the cleaning process, making it easier to remove marine growths when you haul the boat out for periodic power washing. Since marine growth can cut speed by as much as 10 miles per hour, keeping the hull clean can also aid fuel efficiency.

Do I Need Bottom Painting?

Bottom painting might not be a standard feature on new boats, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an essential feature. If you use your boat in either fresh or saltwater, it will likely benefit from bottom painting. However, boating in saltwater puts boats at a higher risk of marine growth, blistering, and delamination. Saltwater can also increase the risk of oxidation, making hull discoloration and other damage more likely.

Mangrove Marina’s VIP Bottom Painting Services

At Mangrove Marina, we understand how important proactive boat maintenance is. We offer a range of services to help you keep your boat in tiptop condition, including:

  • Haul-out services using our 50-ton travel lift or 26,000-pound forklift
  • Power wash in the washout pit
  • Light bottom prep
  • Paint labor, including three lay days

Additional charges may apply for certain services, including zincs, running gear paint, necessary prep work beyond standard light bottom work, and barrier coatings.

We have extensive experience with a variety of techniques, paints, and finishes, including Premier boat paint and finishes, and our team includes professional boat painters. We can haul your boat out or offload it from a transport trailer, or we can lift and replace your engine or complete other essential services. You are also welcome to work with the outside contractor of your choice. Schedule an appointment with our team today by calling 305-852-8380 or visit our website for more details.

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