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The Holidays Aren’t Over If the Fish are Still Biting

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Although the holiday season might have come to a close, the celebrations do not have to end. Here in the Florida Keys, we keep the party going year-round with fishing charters and some of the most exciting fishing spots you can find. In fact, the Florida Keys are known as the fishing capital of the world with Islamorada holding the title of “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.” Here in the Keys, our philosophy is, “The holiday isn’t over if the fish are still biting!”

Planning a Fishing Getaway at Mangrove Marina

The Florida Keys are an ecologically rich area, a treasure all its own. Home to an incredibly diverse range of flora, including mangroves, seagrasses and pines, the Keys attract some of the most beautiful and exotic terrestrial and marine life that can be found in the States.

The ecological diversity is only part of what makes fishing in the Keys so amazing. The location of the Keys and especially Islamorada also plays a big role. Islamorada is conveniently located between the backcountry of the Florida Bay and the open waters of the Atlantic. The Gulf Stream flows just miles offshore, bringing with it tuna, sailfish, marlin and more.

Fishing in the Florida Keys, and especially around Islamorada and Tavernier, is guaranteed to be an experience you will remember for life. Fishing charters go everywhere from the peaceful backcountry waters and flats to the coral reefs and the deep waters of the open sea.

Mangrove Marina: The Perfect Starting Point for Your Next Fishing Excursion

Islamorada is known as the birthplace of both saltwater fly fishing and backcountry sport fishing. Many of the world’s top anglers spent some of their best hours here. You can follow in their wake with tournament-grade captains just waiting to take you to their favorite spots to fish for nearly anything your heart desires, including:
• King Mackerel
• Gray snappers, mutton snappers and yellowtail snappers
• Red grouper, black grouper and goliath grouper
• Lemon sharks, nurse sharks and bull sharks
• Permit, bonefish and jacks
• Tarpon
• Tilefish
• Bonefish and snook

Mangrove Marina is just minutes away from Islamorada and has everything you need for a home away from home during your angling adventure. The marina is well-equipped with wet slips for docking your boat, fuel, Tiki Huts with BBQ facilities, a wash-out basin, laundry facilities, bathhouses and gardens. We even offer a full onsite marine service with optional DIY facilities.

What to Do at Mangrove Marina

You can be well on your way to a fishing getaway at Mangrove Marina with just an hour and a half’s drive from Miami. It’s an easy getaway for weekend fun, and there’s no need to take off more vacation time after the busyness of the holidays. You can come on your own, bring a friend or visit with your whole family. There is so much to do at Mangrove Marina that you’ll never be bored even during your time away from fishing in the Florida Keys. Visit Mangrove Marina today to start planning your next getaway or sign up for our newsletter for special offers and discounts.

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