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Is Wet Slip Storage the Right Choice for You?

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When storing your boat, your priorities are likely keeping it safe and maintained while also keeping it readily accessible when you want to use it. Most storage options fall under either dry storage or wet storage, and each offers its own benefits depending on what you need. At Mangrove Marina in the upper Keys, we offer convenient wet slips in the Florida Keys for boaters who want their boats ready to use whenever they want it.


With dry storage, your boat will need to be lifted out of the water and transported to its storage place. When you are ready to use it again, it will need to be transported back and placed into the water again. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Wet slips in the Florida Keys cut out the unnecessary back-and-forth. They are ideal for those who intend to use their boats frequently if not daily because the boat is constantly in the water and ready to use. Even if you only boat seasonally, you can still enjoy wet slip storage during the boating season.

Dry storage can be a good alternative during the off-season or when you need to perform maintenance on your boat.


If your boat is your home away from home, then Mangrove Marina’s many amenities will feel just like the comforts of home with the added allure of a tropical vacation. At Mangrove Marina, our heated freshwater pool, tiki huts, BBQ pits, laundry facilities, lounge and other essential marina services to give you ample opportunities to get away from it all or just sit back and relax in between fishing or boating adventures.


Hurricane season can threaten even the most avid boaters, but wet slips in a naturally protected harbor offer excellent shelter. You can leave your boat in its wet slip and not worry about relocating during potentially dangerous weather. Thanks to the design of the harbor and nearby mangroves, the risk of damage to your boat is minimal, and you can focus instead on keeping yourself and loved ones safe.

Wet Slip Precautions

If you choose wet slip storage, you might need to take a few precautions to protect your boat. Because it will be in the water at all times, it will need routine bottom maintenance to protect it against potential damage. The application of bottom paint such as an anti-fouling paint is highly recommended to discourage barnacles, weeds and other aquatic organisms from making their home on your boat hull. Our marina services can help you get set up with everything you need for the season.

About Mangrove Marina in the Upper Keys

Mangrove Marina offers 102 wet slips that can accommodate boats up to 70 feet long with 24-foot beams and 5 feet of draft with options for both transient and liveaboard boaters. Our marina covers 20 acres and includes bicycle racks, laundry facilities, bathhouses with showers and other facilities to make your stay as comfortable and home-like as possible. Dry storage services are also available along with full yard service for sail and powerboats, including fiberglass repair, bottom paint, detailing, engine repair, generator repair, canvas work, metalwork, and power washing.

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