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Boat Salvage and Recovery

Full-Service Boat Salvage

Whether your vessel is completely submerged or partially, needs to be floated or removed, or you need to have it towed and lifted for inspection; we are able to provide all these services at great rates. We’ll work with you or your insurance company to make sure you get your property secured and taken care of. Here’s a list of our salvage services that are performed by local professionals ready to support our Florida Keys neighbors:

  • We are currently providing the following services with local established vendors with decades of experience.
  • Sunken or disabled retrieval from $100/foot to $200/foot.
  • Barge and crane service for $500/hour.
  • Haul out at Mangrove Marina for $10/foot for fork lift and $15/foot for travel lift. (Additional labor and blocking fees may apply)
  • Dry gated storage for $2.50/foot per day.
  • On-site defueling service available in containment basin.
  • Engine pickling at $500 per engine.
  • Disposal, vessel transport service and trailer loading after insurance inspection.
  • Full repair services available.
  • Hydraulic trailer available for land based retrieval.

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