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Advantages of Spending the Holidays in the Florida Keys

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For many people, the planning of a perfect vacation can sometimes feel more complicated than it should be. When visiting an area with a family, for example, vacationers will often want to make sure that the region in which they’re spending time will offer enough sites and activities to satisfy a wide variety of interests and age ranges. Fortunately, some areas of the country such as the Florida Keys can accommodate such a wide variety of things to see and do that a family could spend years there before discovering every great restaurant and charming waterfront stroll waiting to be found. Here are just a few kinds of Florida Keys vacations that can create memories for a lifetime.

Taking In a Bit of Literary and Fishing History 
One of the best resources for holiday activities in the Florida Keys lies in the region’s association with the great writer Ernest Hemingway, who spent over a decade of his life in a beautiful Colonial home in Key West, still a hot spot in the region for culture lovers. (Hemingway isn’t the only writer to fall in love with the culture and landscape here; authors such as Carl Hiaasen and Heather Graham have also used the area as a setting for their novels.)

In fact, not only can travel-savvy families visit Hemingway’s house to see how the writer lived and worked, they can also recreate some of the great fishing scenes that he described in many of his novels, ‘To Have and Have Not’ perhaps being the best-known of the author’s works to describe the area and an economy that to this day thrives on commercial fishing.

Whether you’re interested in angling for snapper, grouper, or Blackfin tuna, the region is legendary for its challenging and rewarding fishing.

Set Time Aside for the Kids (But Have Fun Too) 
Unlike trips to other historical areas, Florida Keys vacations have many activities that kids will enjoy also. The Key West Aquarium is a favorite for visitors who want to entertain the kids while learning about the amazing sea life that defines so much of the region’s character and history. The kids will be sure to have fun, but the adults will undoubtedly have a great time too!

A Sailor’s Dream 
Because so much of the region is defined by its proximity to amazing beaches, visitors may find that the ideal way to travel in the Keys is by boat. Fortunately, places like the Mangrove Marina in the town of Tavernier in the Upper Keys are perfect harbors for travelers looking to dock their boats and experience local sites. Indeed, a good marina will not only offer a cool place to stay but will also offer a good point from which to set out and explore the region’s great sites, ideal beaches, and stunning blue waters. If you’re looking to make memories for a lifetime, this is the kind of access to travel that can turn an otherwise exhausting trek into an experience you’ll never forget.

For these reasons, holiday activities in the Florida Keys can create a wonderful vacation experience for the entire family. Whether it’s in experiencing the historical sites of Key West or experiencing the fine dining available in charming waterfront towns dotting the coast, the Florida Keys are sure to bring a smile to even the most experienced traveler’s face.

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