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Tips to Help You Prepare Your Boat For An Imminent Storm

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Many people believe that in order to truly understand something, you have to experience it. This lesson can be applied to many different things, including hurricane preparation, but more specifically, boat preparation before a hurricane. To help you in the event of an emergency, here is a look at some important tips regarding Boat Protection Before A Storm occurs.

Plan for Boat Preparation Before A Hurricane Warning Happens 

It is extremely important that you establish a strategy before a hurricane approaches the area. If you own a boat in an area where hurricanes occur regularly, review your contract to see if there is anything in there that requires you to leave in the event that a hurricane is approaching. Perhaps you can join a club, which allows you to move your boat in the event of an imminent hurricane. Check your insurance policy as well.

Strap Down Your Boat 

Research has shown that boats that are ashore do not suffer as much damage as boats left at the docks. Boats could suffer damaged hulls and broken bulkheads. To prevent maximum damage from occurring, strap down your boat with a secure anchor. Look for a strap with little stretch, as research has shown that this strategy can help prevent flooding. Boats should also be stripped of their biminis and sails, along with anything else that creates windage.

Look for High Ground During Your Hurricane Preparation 

Research shows that boats that are stored ashore are more likely to avoid damage compared to boats that are stored in the water. Your boat may be blown off or the boards may break. Small boats with free boards can be severely damaged by heavy rainfall. Try to keep the boat stored on high ground in order to deal with the water surge.

Avoid Cramped Docks 

Over the last few years, boats are being made with wider beams. However, Marina slips have remained unchanged. If your boat has a tight slip, getting dock lines to deal with the surge will be tough. This is an important thing to remember while you are going over your strategies involving your Boat Protection Before A Storm. The higher the water surge is, the more likely it is that the lines will be broken and stressed. Consider adding a device to your boat line that will keep the boat stable during the surge. Consider moving your boat to a hole or have it strapped down ashore.

Avoid Marinas with Floating Docks 

One of the worst places to secure your boat is a floating dock with shorter pilings. Short pilings cannot handle the water surge. In extreme cases, the boats may be lifted and carried away. If a huge water surge is approaching and your boat is on a floating dock with shorter pilings, move it to a sheltered location immediately.

About Mangrove Marina 

Mangrove Marina has over 100 wet slips for live aboard or transient boaters and our anchorage is a natural hurricane hole surrounded by mangroves protecting our boats during storms.

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