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Simple Routine Boat Maintenance

Boat Maintenance – Simple and Effective Tips to Live By

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Proper boat maintenance may mean the difference between a sleek, smooth-sailing boat and a scrappy, rust watercraft. From cleaning to storage, everything should be done just right to keep your boat looking and running as good as new for years.

Here are easy-to-do, routine maintenance tips every boat owner should practice.

Keep it Squeaky Clean

Poor hygiene will take years off your boat. Presence of algae, marine plants, and dirt on your boat causes rusting as well as a myriad of other complications.

It is therefore important to always clean your boat and get rid of all dirt whenever you get the chance.

Cleaning is especially important if you use your boat in salt water as salt residue is extremely corrosive – it is advisable to rinse the boat with fresh water after each sail.

Experts recommend using cleaning products that are approved for boats as some detergents can be corrosive.

Cleaning should also be done gently using a soft sponge or soft brush to avoid scratching the boat’s smooth surface. Mangrove Marina has a wide range of services and work stations connected to power and water to achieve a boat deep clean.

Keep it Safe

Your boat will need to be kept dry and safe whenever it is out of the water. Several factors have to be met to ensure safe storage.

For starters, you will need good keel and jack stands to keep your boat in the right position when it is out of water. Mangrove Marina’s trained staff can haul your boat with the travel lift and set you on the dry rack storage.

You should also keep the boat away from heat sources that may expose it to a myriad of risks. The boat should also be safe from potentially harmful weather factors such as strong winds and damaging UV rays.

Mangrove Marina is a trustworthy boat yard Florida Keys where your boat will be kept safe and benefit from professional boat services.

Inspection and Maintenance

Each component of your boat should run flawlessly for overall optimal performance. One damaged component can easily compromise other components and put your whole boat (and even your life) at risk.

As such, routine inspections of the major components are necessary. Here are components to focus your attention on when performing routine inspections:

• Motor

The motor is the most important component. Check for rusting or corrosion on all components of the motor and make any necessary repairs to avoid costly damages.

• Propeller

Propellers are prone to cracking and denting. Check the surface of each propeller and repair or replace damaged propellers whenever necessary. Also always ensure that the nut is fastened tight and that the propeller is properly greased.

• Hull

The hull is susceptible to a wide range of risks including rusting and cracking. Do not ignore any damages and initiate repairs as soon as they are noticed.

• Electrical System

Ensure that all electrical systems are intact and that there is no rusting or corrosion. Also, ensure that your battery is always charged.

• Belts and Cables

Belts, cables and hoses eventually become brittle and crack, and thus should be routinely inspected and replaced whenever necessary.

• Oil

Oil should be replenished and changed routinely, especially whenever it becomes dirty, for optimal performance.

These boat maintenance tips will help you keep your boat in top shape for years. You should also consider soliciting professional boat services from Mangrove Marina, which provides a wide range of professional and convenient boat services as well as a safe boat yard in the Florida Keys.

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