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Interesting Facts Florida Keys

Interesting Facts About The Florida Keys

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Key West, Florida is an exciting tourist destination for many people. The Florida Keys were discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon, and over the centuries has been the host of many historic events. Here is a breakdown of some interesting facts concerning the Florida Keys that you may not be aware of.

Key West Stood Out During The Civil War

The City is famous for being the only city in the South to side with The Union during The Civil War. There were plenty of Union supporters on The Fort Zachary Taylor military base who fought against Confederate Troops.

There Are Many Islands Around The City

There are more than 700 islands throughout the Florida Keys. One of the most popular things to do in the Keys is to travel around the different islands due to a large overseas highway that connects the Keys.

Coral Barrier Reef

The Keys contain the Florida Reef; the only living coral barrier in the continental United States. The Florida Reef stretches from Key Biscayne through the Dry Tortugas, making it one of the largest barrier reef systems in the World.

Consistently Hot Temperatures

The Keys have the highest year-round temperatures in The United States. The average daily temperature is almost 80 degrees, which puts the Keys at the top of many travel destination lists.

Mitten Cats

Mitten cats have six toes, and their origin can be traced back to the Keys. The legendary Ernest Hemingway was rumored to have received a mitten cat on his voyage through the Keys. Hemingway’s house and museum are home to a collection of mitten cats.


The Keys have always been prosperous, and during one specific time period, the island accumulated wealth through multiple shipwrecks off their coast. To commemorate this era, there is a shipwreck trail where you can visit historic shipwrecks and reefs.

Not All Sandy

The Keys do not offer many sandy beach options because of their coral reef system. The coral barrier reef works as a barrier for sand sweeps.

You Might See Some Deer

The Keys are home to one of the smallest deep species in The United States. You may spot white tailed deer around the National Key Deer Refuge. Unfortunately, many deer are killed every year due to being hit by an automobile.

Close To Cuba

The Keys are so far South that they are closer to Cuba than Miami. It will take you over an hour longer to travel from the Keys to Miami as opposed to traveling from the Keys to Cuba.

The Conch Republic

A few years ago, The US Border Patrol negatively impacted tourism throughout the area. Residents became upset, and Mayor Dennis Wardlow put down a Conch Republic flag in Mallory Square.

Mangrove Marina

The Mangrove Marina is one of the largest marinas in the Keys. Popular amenities include dry racks, boat ramps, laundry rooms, mechanic racks, and a bathhouse.

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