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A Look at The Top Fishing Boats for 2018

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As the weather begins to heat up, you will see a lot of fishing boats making their way through the Florida Keys. Regardless of whether you’d simply like to sail and enjoy some fresh air, or whether you plan on doing some deep sea fishing, there will be plenty of fun things to do. Deep sea fishing is a popular hobby for many people who live in the Florida Keys. However, to truly enjoy the process, you’ll need the right boat. With that being said, here is a look at some of the top available fishing boats this year.

Regulator 28

The Regulator 28 has a deep V hull designed by Lou Codega, and is known for its flexibility. Some of the top features of the Regulator 28 include an optimal SureShade ATF cockpit boat shade and a removable water sports tow bar. You can also choose from a number of different seating and electronics options. The Regulator 28 has enough room to support multiple deck chairs.

NauticStar 265 XTS

The NauticStar 265 XTS has a 14-inch draft to help chase fish into the water. There is a 300hp Yamaha outboard mounted to the Atlas hydraulic jack plate. The 265 XTS has a top speed of around 53 mph. The 265 XTS has expansive casting decks and plenty of rod storage. The 265 XTS promotes comfort by having multiple jump seats with backrests. The 265 XTS also has a leaning post that features flip up bolsters, folding armrests, and a footrest bar.

Blackfin 242 CC

The Blackfin 242 CC is equipped with dual outboards, unique fishing capabilities and sandbar accessibility. The 242 CC has a port stern that is ideal for rigging baits. The Blackfin 242 CC also has adjustable inflow and outflow valves. The leaning post has a carry-on cooler, and is designed to help conserve space. The Blackfin 242 CC has dual mercs that help the boat reach its optimal speed. The 242 CC has SmartCraft connectivity, which is visible on navigation displays.

Yamaha 210 FSH

The Yamaha 210 FSH is a multipurpose boat that combines a center console with other important features. The 210 FSH has a pair of TR-1 three-cylinder jet power trains under the aft deck. The 210 FSH is able to run through shallow waters. Some of the 210 FSH’s other features include an insulated fish box, a changing compartment in the console, and a raw water wash down.

Robalo R302

The Robalo R302 features a unique interior designed to allow people who enjoy boating and fishing to create exciting moments. The R302 has a bonded glass windshield that protects the helm of the boat. There is a glove box on the port side that contains a DC power receptacle, as well as multiple USB ports.

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