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Best Islamorada Fishing Spots

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In the Florida Keys, there are many spots where fish roam in saltwater. During an adventure in one of these spots, you’ll experience colorful reefs and sunken ships with wreckage components. In order to pinpoint the most practical zones, you’ll need to journey through the waters in Islamorada while using a map. If you navigate strategically, you’ll have no problems finding the best Islamorada fishing spots.

The Best Spots Near the Atlantic Side

Along the Atlantic side of the Florida Keys, hundreds of reefs are scattered underwater. These reefs are unique because they’re a mixture of natural and artificial reefs. Among the different varieties, you’ll find the Pickles Reef and Conch Reef, which are prime destinations for many kinds of fish. The most common fish include:



Mangrove snapper



Yellowtail tuna

The only way to catch these fish is by traveling far out on the water. Because the conditions underwater impact these swimming habits, some fish varieties will frequently roam around in spots that are very far away, and you can reel in most of these species by docking your boat near deep wrecks.

The Best Spots Around Wrecks and Reefs

If you want to reel in fish that are very large, you’ll need to travel to popular zones that are found near wreckage. The most practical destinations include:


Spiegel Groove



Alexander Barge

Islamorada Reef Bridge

In each of these spots, there is a lot of deep water, and the biggest swordfish, mahi mahi, and other fish species roam around in these waters. If you cruise a boat slowly to one of the spots and dock strategically, you’ll have opportunities to float your line near a school of fish. The most common fish species that swim in schools throughout the crystal, clear waters around Islamorada are grouper.

Strategies for Islamorada Fishing Spots

When fishing near the Atlantic or by wreckage, you may capture a barracuda on your line. The big benefit is that this fish doesn’t struggle after it’s caught on a line. Larger fish that are solitary animals are tougher to catch, so they won’t let you reel them in easily. In order to pull these fish out of the water, you’ll need patience and a strong, durable fishing pole.

If you need a boat in the Florida Keys, consider acquiring a vessel from Mangrove Marine. This destination has a variety of boats that can reach the different fishing zones. The big benefit is that all of the boats are docked in a cozy, waterfront resort area.

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