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Liveaboards as a Long-Term Housing Option

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The trends toward small living spaces and downsizing have some intrepid homeowners thinking outside of the cul-de-sac for alternative housing options. Since many of them dream of retirements that are filled with travel and beachside lounging, it is not at all hard for them to trade in their nondescript tract homes for liveboard boats. These vessels can include sailboats, catamarans, power boats, trawlers and houseboats. For those who love the beauty and activities that are associated with waterfront living, acquiring boats for long-term housing give them nearly unlimited freedom to explore scenic spots and indulge in their favorite water sports such as kayaking, SCUBA diving and stand-up paddle boarding. The top two considerations for these potential seafarers relate to docking options and boat types.

Finding the Right Marina

Marina Amenities

People have different expectations for boat living. Some want to downsize from large, land-based homes to save money and gain spectacular waterfront views. Others want comprehensive amenities in a resort-like atmosphere. Minimum marina features include water, power and sewer pump out. However, facilities such as those at Mangrove Marina in the Florida Keys have laundromats, hot showers, cable, wireless internet, pools and BBQ pits. The sprawling, Tavernier marina sits on over 20 acres and is surrounded by its namesake mangroves, which help to shield vessels from high winds during storms. Besides its plenteous entertainment and convenience amenities, Mangrove Marina has dry storage so that boaters can protect their craft during particularly severe storms.

The Neighbors and the Neighborhood

The Mangrove Marina contains over 90 wet slips so boaters are sure to meet plenty of like-minded people who want to enjoy all of the benefits of waterfront living in the Florida Keys. The Tavernier community is known for its natural beauty and outdoor adventure options. For example, nature enthusiasts cycle over to the neighborhood’s wild bird sanctuary to catch glimpses of the island’s native birds. Besides bicycle rentals, residents can get a variety of gear such as snorkeling equipment and kayaks from local outfitters for day trips.

Boat Types

Popular Liveboard Boats

Power boats are some of the most popular vessels for those who want to pursue the live aboard lifestyle. In power boats, much of the boats are above the water line. This equates to more headroom. They also usually have two levels. Power boats are known to have more living space per foot than most vessels. Roomy trawlers are common live aboard power boats. Catamaran sail boats also provide a good amount of living space, but many are too large for some single marina slips. Houseboats offer a more luxury option for alternative housing on the water, and Mangrove Marina offers houseboat villas for rent for those who want to try out the experience in comfort and style.

Boat Maintenance and All-Weather Living

Regular boat maintenance comes with the live aboard territory. Boat owners will have to paint and sometimes sand and varnish hulls to make sure their vessels’ exterior materials don’t corrode too quickly in the salt water. They also perform waterproofing protocols to help ensure that sea water doesn’t find its way into their boats’ interiors. Boaters who choose to dock in places that have cold climates must winterize their vessels to keep water lines from freezing and boat interiors warm for inhabitants.

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