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Boat Lift Benefits

Benefits of a Boat Lift in the Florida Keys

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For residents of Florida Keys, boating is one of the most common activities in the area. This makes boat storage and management a key service especially boat lifts. However, it is essential to look at the issue of boat hoisting well to understand how it works and why it is necessary.

Absorption of Water

When a boat is stored in the water, the boat’s exterior can deteriorate with time. Boat storage in the water can lead to hull blisters as well as lower unit wear. Moreover, algae and scum which are hard to remove accumulate at the bottom of the boat. Unless one spends extra on a special paint, leaving a boat stored in water can significantly damage its paint job.

Everyone wants to main their boat in the best conditions possible, as a well-maintained boat is a source of pride. Keeping it as original as possible is most boat owner’s goal. Boat lifting removes the hassle of scrubbing the boat’s hull. Moreover, it helps keep the exterior of the boat in good shape which will ensure higher resale value. Lifting cuts down the costs incurred in probable maintenance and repair of the exterior of the boat.

Fluctuating Water Levels

Fluctuations in water levels are a common occurrence although the levels differ from location to location. High fluctuation can cause significant instabilities in your boat while minor level changes thought to be insignificant can have lasting impressions on your boat over time. Your boat can be damaged by seasonal water levels and storms if left in the waters rather than lifted. A boat lift is the best bet since when the boat is out of the water no water will touch it as well as debris brought by storms.

With different water levels, boat operators can have a hard time controlling the vessels. It becomes hard to disembark or even board a boat when there are constant changes in the water level. The best choice in such a scenario is a boat lift that will ease the operation on your boat, whether boarding or disembarking from it.


Boat lifting is one of the best ways to prevent your hull from corrosion and damage from the water. It saves time when getting in and out of the water since it involves a simple step of driving off the lift. In the absence of a lift, one has to do several tedious tasks before getting into the water. For boats that have been in the water for lengthy periods, their owners have to check for leaks, cracks, and debris on the boat hull before they get in the water. This is cumbersome, but a boat lift makes it easier to carry routine boat maintenance which lowers the risks of damage significantly.

For boat lifting services in the Florida Keys and the surrounding areas, boat owners can contact Mangrove Marina who conducts such services among others at affordable prices. Their contacts are;

200 Florida Ave.
Tavernier, Florida 33070
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(25’ 00.681 N) (080’ 31.110 W)
Between Marker 62 and 65 on the ICW

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